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Places to see in Tirana,
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Places to see, do in Tirana, Albania

Places to see in Tirana, things to do in Tirana Albania

1. Skenderbeg Square

The main focal point in the city it’s Skenderbeg Square which surrounds many of the city’s attractions. In the center of the square, you’ll also see Albania’s National hero Skenderbeg. It was named in 1968 after the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. A Skanderbeg Monument can be found in the plaza.




2. Et'hem Bey Mosque

The Et'hem Bey Mosque, located opposite the Municipality of Tirana, was constructed in the 18th century and it is a lovely example of Islamic architecture in the country. Construction was started in 1789 by Molla Bey and it was finished in 1823 by his son Ethem Pasha (Haxhi Ethem Bey), great-grandson of Sulejman Pasha.During the totalitarianism of the Socialist People's Republic of Albania, the mosque was closed. In January 18, 1991, despite opposition from communist authorities, 10,000 people entered carrying flags. This was at the onset of the fall of communism in Albania. The frescoes of the mosque depict trees, waterfalls and bridges; still life paintings are a rarity in Islamic art.



3. Tirana National Museum

If you’re interested in history, the Tirana National Museum (Kombetar Museum) can easily be the highlight of your trip here. The museum features around eight rooms with different exhibits such as a Middle-Ages room where you can see ancient artifacts like weapons, gold coins and documents.



4. Municipality of Tirana

If you’re visiting the city for the first time, a visit to the Municipality of Tirana (Bashkia e Tiranes) is one of the best things to do in Tirana Albania. It acts as a visitor center, and you’ll be able to find out more information about the city, events, etc.



5. Mount Dajti

Throughout your stay in Tirana, the glowering, dark-hued face of Mount Dajti will be tempting you with the promise of fresh air. It's easy to scale the mountain, either by taking the Dajti Ekspres cable car, or by driving up to the national park. rewards include fantastic vistas, lovely forests and several restaurants.



6. Petrela castle

Dating back to 500 AD, Petrela Castle is an ancient structure, which is in relatively good shape considering the history attached to it. At one time or another, Petrela was the primary defense of the city of Durres. It has been held, used and conquered by Romans, Greeks, Turks and other. Seriously off the beaten path, getting to Petrela requires a sturdy Jeep or Landcruiser. It is a very bumpy road, but the view is more than worth it.



7. Blloku (The Block)

This area, prior to the fall of communism, was reserved solely for government officials. Today,it has become the number one spot for Tirana’s best cafés, shops, and restaurants. The most expensive and cosmopolitan district of Tirana. It is full of bars, night clubs and shops. It's the favorite place of youth.



8. Parku Rinia (Youth Park)

The Youth Park is attractive for more reasons than one. As a park, its just a large green area in the middle of city. But the contrast of the rural vendors selling sunflower seeds and chestnuts to the jet set sipping coffee in front of the fountains is just something that is very Tirana – and should not be missed.



9. Pazari i Ri (Central Market)

Market places are often a window to the soul of any place. Tirana’s central market is a fascinating experience of colours, smells, and sensations. ..






10. Sali Shijaku Ethno House

This old, typical Ottoman house is believed to have been built in the 15th century. It is the private home of Sali Shijaku, one of Albania’s most famous artists.





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