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Places to see in Oslo,
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Places to see in Oslo

Places to see in Oslo. things to do in Oslo, Norway

1. Frognerparken

This large park, in the center of Oslo, is a perfect place to begin a tour of the city. Enjoy the various statues and sculptures, and if the weather is nice join the groups of locals as they picnic, barbecue, and play sports on the rolling green lawns. For afternoon lunches or just walking around, this park is a fantastic place.




2. Holmenkellen

In the winter time, this is the perfect location for sledding and snow play. For the more adventurous, cross-country skiing and tobogganing are available on the steep slopes of the hill. Sleds can be rented for the day or per hour, and you can enjoy a nice hot chocolate or a steaming mug of blackcurrant wine if you get too cold.





3. Oslo Fjord

The islands that make up the fjord around Oslo are an incredible example of Norwegian nature and beauty. Accessible by ferry or boat, they can be reached with purchase of a simple metro ticket. Boats run quite frequently out to the various islands, including the beautiful Langayene, which is a favorite in summer months. See visitors enjoying the beaches, playing volleyball, or just relaxing in the Scandinavian sun. You can also visit the ruins of an old cloister, taking a peek back into the history of the island.




4. National Gallery

For the artistically-inclined visitors, no trip would be complete without a peek in at the National Gallery, the home of some of the best paintings and artwork in the country. Enjoy seeing the Edvard Munch paintings, the famous Norwegian artist who painted The Scream.



5. Aker Brygge

Near the old port of the city, Aker Brygge is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a beer or some traditional Norwegian dishes, all while looking out over the harbor and the many boats and ships. This part of the city is a favorite for tourists and locals alike, and has a lively atmosphere all day and into the evening.




6. Viking Ship Museum

The reconstructed Viking ship as well as detailed history of Norway's history make this museum a fantastic attraction for visitors wishing to know more about Vikings and the Scandinavian past. A variety of Norwegian Folk Museums are located nearby, supplementing the information. Also located near the beach, visitors can relax on Huk or Paradisbukta, overlooking the water.




7. Bogstadveien

The trendy heart of the city, this street as well as its neighbors are the perfect place to stroll and watch the fashionable citizens of Oslo. Take some time in a bar or cafe and enjoy the people-watching, and keep an eye out for expensive and rare sports cars and high-end Ferrari's, Jaguars, and the occasional Rolls-Royce. This main drag also features most of the shopping district's flagship stores.




8. National Theater

The best place to catch a play or opera, this beautiful theater has a variety of shows and events going on continuously. Dress up for the evening and enjoy the cultural side of the city.






9. Theater Kafeen

Located right next to the National Theater, this place is a traditional Norwegian restaurant and cafe, and is part of the city's ongoing history. The atmosphere is helped by a small string quartet, which plays in the evenings. Famed prose author Henrik Ibsen used to take his daily coffee breaks here, and the husband to the Norwegian princess once climbed out onto the restaurant's balcony and shouted to the crowds below, “I am the new wine!”




10. Akershus Festring

This old fortress was built by King Magnusson in 1299, and its sturdy walls have protected the city ever since. Take a stroll through the gardens and enjoy the historical site.




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