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Places to see in Minsk,
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Places to see in Minsk

Places to see in Minsk, things to do in Minsk Belarus

1. Minsk Downtown

After World War II, the downtown section of Minsk was completely rebuilt, and is a rare example of Soviet architecture. Although all the buildings here were built in different years, they are one in their architectural composition. It is this unity that prompted UNESCO to consider part of MINSK downtown – from Independence Place till Victory Place, as one of the World Heritage sites.



2. Mir

In the small town of Mir, 120 km (75 miles) from Minsk, you can see the 15th century Mir Castle which is a World Heritage Site, as well as the Jewish Cemetery. Nearby in historically rich Nesvizh, which still has its old buildings; don't miss out on yet another World Heritage Site - Nesvizh Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings in Belarus. Elaborately laid out gardens and many lakes surround the castle. Just a short distance away is the Catholic Church, the grand creation of Bernadoni, the 16th century Italian architect.



3. Grodno

Grodno is the fifth largest city in Belarus and the important places to see here are the Old Town Centre, the Kalozh-Church and the Old Castle, both of which were built in the 11th century.





4. Polotsk

The Slavic town of Polotsk was a centre of Christianity during the time of Rus, the first Russian state. It was founded in 862 AD and is the oldest city in Belarus. The Church of St. Sophia here is an excellent example of 11th century architecture. There are two castles nearby which you will want to see, as well as St. Ephrosinia of Polotsk, a convent from the 12th century, and the Epiphany Monastery built during the 16th- to 17th-centuries.




5. Aleksandrovsky Square

This is a small public garden with a rich historical background in the centre of Minsk, and is a popular place for people of the city to gather in. Once known as Central Square, it was renamed probably because of its proximity to the residence of Aleksander Lukashenko, the head of the country.





6. Ballet and Opera

Ballet and opera is world class in Minsk and extremely popular with young and old alike. The National Academic Opera and the National Academic Ballet are both housed in a magnificent building that is located on the summit of Troitsky Hill. You can see it from almost anywhere in Minsk. Compared with the Moscow Ballet Theatre, the Ballet Theatre in Minsk is really huge. Belarusian ballet is world-famous.



7. Minsk Botanic Garden

The State Scientific Institution “Central Botanic Garden of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus” is one of the oldest botanic establishments and is the most complete public garden in Belarus. It was founded in 1932 and today covering 380 acres, the Garden is full of varieties of tree, shrub and flower. There are 10,000 different plant species at the Garden, some entirely extinct in the wild. From the beautifully tended parkland there are views on a lake with swans in it.



8. St. Mary Magdeline Church

(Tsarkya Svyati Mary Magdaleny) is located in Vulitsa Kisjaleva 42. Metro: Njamiha. Constructed in 1847, in the Orthodox architectural style, it has an octagonal bell tower.





9. Minskae Mora (Minsk Sea)

This is a man-made reservoir located 5 km north from the heart of the city. You can catch some sun on the free public beach, ride the waves on a pedal-boat or rent a catamaran. You'll find a regular bus service from the central bus station. By car you can drive north to the Minsk Sea along the P28 and watch for directional signs after Ratomka village.




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