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Places to see in Chisinau,
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 Places to see in Chisinau

Places to see in Chisinau, things to do in Chisinau, Moldova


1. Lake Valea Morilor

Local people in Chisinau loves their favourite haunt, Lake Valea Morilor. Located west of the city centre and from street A Mateevici, which is opposite the university, steps leads to the park and surroundings. Bus 29a from the city centre stops outside the university entrance to the park.



2. Beach

The beach on the northwestern shores of Valea Morilor Lake's is full of tourists and local sunbathers, swimmers at the weekends. You can hire canoes, rowing and paddle boats from the boat station on the lake's southern shores.





3. National Archaeology & History Museum

This museum is the ancient of Chişinău's museums, and well worth visiting. It represents archeological artefacts from Orhieul Vechi including Golden Horde coins, soviet-era weaponry and a huge World War II diorama which is situated on the first floor, and here you can also talk to a man who was a political prisoner for 12 years at a worker's camp in deolate Vorkuta in norhtern Siberia. Lupoaica Romei's and the abandoned children Romolus and Remus statues are standing in front of the museum. This is a symbol to the Moldovans of their Latin ancestry.



4. Memorial Park

Bounded by Str A Mateevici and Str Ismail is a Memorial Park, dominated by a victory memorial to the Soviet army in 1945. An eternal flame burns in the centre in memory of Chişinău's unknown soldiers who died in WWII. Soldiers' graves line the boundaries of the park and there is a small military cemetery at its northern end. In the centre of the park is a memorial to those who died during the fight for Moldovan independence in the early nineties.



5. Parcul La Izvor

From the citycenter on the way to Cojusna and Ungheni there is Chisinau’s largest park, called Parcul La Izvor, on Calea Esilor. It is dominated by three interconnecting lakes, which you can explore if you hire canoes and rowing boats. . Opposite the park's southern entrance is a cable-car station that makes a three-minute journey across the valley. To get to the park, take trolleybus 1, 8 or 23 to the last stop. Maxitaxi (microbus) 11 runs from Str Studenţilor in the centre to Calea Eşilor.



6. Pushkin Museum

Some blocks away from the city centre there is Pushkin Museum. It is located in a cottage where the Russian poet, Alexandr Pushkin (1799-1837) spent an exiled three years between 1820 and 1823. He wrote here The Prisoner of the Caucacus and other classics - that is, when he wasn't involved in the amorous intrigues, hard drinking and occasional violence of his social circles in what was then a rough-around-the-edges distant outpost of the Russian empire.




7. Grădina Publică Ştefan Cel Mare şi Sfint

Grădina Publică Ştefan Cel Mare şi Sfint is the city's main strolling, cruising area. The park entrance is guarded by a 1928 statue of Ştefan himself. The medieval prince of Moldavia is the greatest symbol of Moldova's strong, brave past. Every Moldovan will be happy to tell you that during Ştefan's 40-year reign, he lost a mere two battles (out of anywhere from 34 to 47, depending on your source's level of enthusiasm).




8. Moldexpo

In Parcul Valea Morilor you will find the Moldexpo which is an enormous international exhibition centre constantly housing major exhibitions. Many visitors come here, however, to see the demoted Communist triumvirate of Lenin, Marx and Engels guarding the entrance. Though they were ignominiously moved here from a prize spot in front of the Parliament building, the pedestals are often overflowing with flowers.