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Places to see in Amadora,
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Amadora info

Places to see in Amadora

Places to see in Amadora, things to do in Amadora Portugal



1. Central Gardens

Since the beginning of the XXth century that Amadora was growing fast. The Town Hall has decided back then that Amadora would be a garden city, and many gardens were built. The central garden is the biggest with a nice pond, swanes, ducks, turtles nad koy fish. A great gardens to spend a few hours.



2. The villa

Amadora had many, many villas in the XIXth century. Many of them were destroyed to built the new iron city in the XXth century. Today there's only a few left in Amadora. This one is next to Bairro do Borel, a quite expensive zone of Amadora.



3. Aprigio Gomes House details

Well, the most exciting about the house it's the architecture. Typical Portuguses XIXth century. The balcony, the roof and the worderfull details in the roof. It's worth visiting the house and take a nice picture.



4. Amalia Park

 Amalia Park is a popular entertainment destination in Amadora.







5. Children gardens

If you travelling with kids you can't miss out the great children parks in Amadora.






6. Holy Mercy Church

 The church dates from last century. Before that, Amadora has only a small chapel that still exists today. Inside the church you'll find great paintings and nice religious pieces. It's worth the visit if you're around here.





7. Aprigio Gomes House

This house was built by a wealthy family in the 19th century. The town hall bought the place andtoday it's the childrean science and technology club. These clubs now are in all the portuguese citys teaching childrean the basis of technology.



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